Why The Sign Guy?

Bob Potter is the Sign Guy. He has more experience with crafting signs than any two sign makers in the business. He learned through years of apprenticeship and his talent and skill are respected and well known through the industry.

But Bob can sum it up best.

“I did an apprenticeship with Dave Cook, Chapman Highway, Knoxville, TN. He was an artsy sign painter and it was a learning curve to try to figure out how to hold my brush when observing his left handed style.

After a course of study with the New York School of Lettering & Design, and information obtained from Eric Matthews, St. Louis, MO, I was on my way to a career which has allowed me to work and thrive in such places as the front range of Colorado north of Denver, San Diego and here in beautiful Western NC for the past twenty years. Nowadays, the brush has given way to the ‘puter’, wide format, digital, search engines, ad words, power phrases and the like. Bottom line is some things in operating a commercial sign shop have remained constant, yet it never gets stagnant or boring and I love it.”


Bob Potter/The Sign Guy

The Sign Guy is based in Arden, NC and serves Arden, Asheville, Fletcher, Hendersonville and Western NC.

The Sign Guy Bob Potter