Frequently Asked Questions

It is very common for folks to ask me for a price before I get a good idea of what they really want.

Just like any true business that has a service, product, or idea to market, the sum total is after all info is obtained.

It took me many years to determine why the question would be posed to me when doing a sign installation – if I was the guy who did the signs.

Finally figured out I was being asked if I was a worker or the guy. I’m the guy.

Many people will stop talking after they ask these two questions. First, do you do those full vehicle wraps? Second, how much does that cost?

A very long pause or quiet time occurs after starting at 2K. Nowadays, wraps are in vogue, yet it is paramount to be sure who you are, and what you are doing is not lost in a racey graphic that is difficult to read, understand, or readily grasp.

Do you do those sandblasted type signs? How much do they cost?

This type of sign has been available for many decades now and usually was a clear heart vertical grain redwood. Today must employ a high-density precision board with a nice ability to create awesome designs that are very durable. And yes, like gold leaf, metal or channel letters… they are pricey.

Will you be able to do a nice banner for my best friend’s wedding tomorrow? Must be cheap as using only once.

Any project employs time, material, and effort to create. Best to plan ahead and give me time to generate a drawing and means of achieving an attractive creation to enhance your event.

Please come ASAP as the storm is destroying our sign.

I advise having insurance on your signage even if you have to utilize a marine rider. While we do have some warranties in place, often your sign may suffer from neglect or failure to keep it properly maintained, serviced, and in good condition. Coming out in poor conditions or high wind is not happening.

If I bring you the material will I save a lot of money?

No, since we use proper material, substrates, and products. Yes, there are those times a sign may be upgraded or salvageable.

Do you do magnetic signs and how much are they?

Nine times out of ten you will want a pair and they can be cut into a shape or design as well. The price depends on the logo, brand, colors, and size. A single pair with the initial setup is more than groups.

A difficult one for me is being profiled for doing only one type of sign, such as electronic or just stickers.

I have a full-service commercial sign shop. Our diversity is so great that we will letter your mailbox(cheaper if you bring it to the shop) or even your family pet elephant… if you promise it will hold still during the process.

Do you charge less when you are not really busy?

True it is that seasons vary, the economy bounces, yet we try to maintain a fast, friendly, fair service, timeline, and price for many years.