Acrylic, Foam, and Metal Letter Signs

Acrylic, Foam, and Metal Letters are always popular, because they give your sign depth and character. The Letters stand out from the surface they’re mounted on, rather than lying flat, as on typical signs. Acrylic, foam and metal letters are common on the interior and exterior of many stores and offices, and come in a multitude of colors and styles, so you can achieve just the look you want for your business.

Acrylic Letters

Our acrylic letters are a step above the rest. They are formed from impact modified, extruded acrylic, in gauges up to 1/2″ thick in a variety of different colors. And since each letter is the same color throughout, scratches or chips will no longer be a concern, making the blemishes that can occur with a painted finish a thing of the past. Acrylic lettering is designed to withstand the elements, so it’s perfect for exterior use, but their beauty makes them more than suitable for the inside as well.

Metal Letters

It’s hard to beat metal letters or a metal logo for sophistication and class. Their very nature connotes a sense of durability, dependability and permanence. Metal letters can be manufactured by several different methods, and each one has its own distinctive look. But they are all beautiful and are built to last. They’ll survive outdoor use with ease, but are a stately way to dress up an office.

Foam Letters

Foam letters are also a popular choice when you want something substantial that won’t be seen too close up. They are the most affordable, and since they’re available in a number of thicknesses, they look very substantial once they’ve been installed.

The Sign Guy

Whether you choose acrylic lettering, metal letters or foam, you can count on getting a high quality product from The Sign Guy. Bob Potter is the leading crafter of signs in Asheville, and we have been in business here for over 20 years. If you want acrylic, foam or metal letters that will look great, fill out the form on this page to have one of our sales reps contact you right away!