LED Signs and Conversion

Nowadays, in the sign business, the two hot topics are LED’s and a full color matric electronic sign.

Let me deal with LED’s in this blog. Prominent manufactors and distributors are not presently able to keep up with the supply and demand.

Yes, you can quickly convert your fluorescent bulbs to a bright and efficient LED. And, most commercial applications are available, yet the sign industry is challenged with higher prices for the FT12 type lamps used in most ligthed signs. So, conversion isn’t yet easy or cheap.

We are making giant strides with LED technology, and little by little, more user-friendly, better pricing and new products will continue to happen.

Please by patient with this sign guy if I say it may not be cost effective to upgrade your current sign with LED’s. Still, I’ll do my best to be cutting edge.

At present, wherever possible, and any new sign that I sell or supply will employ LED’s. And, I will give the best price and quality service for your business.