Sign Design/Artwork

One of the most important parts of creating a sign is the design process. There are many more factors to consider in designing a sign than most people realize. Every factor influences another. Just the eventual location of the sign can influence size, shape and color of the sign. For the best results, you’re much better off having a professional designer help you design your sign. A professional like we have at The Sign Guy.

A Professional Designer for a Professional Sign

Bob Potter has been creating signs for several decades and knows what works. Bob will work with you to craft a sign that reflects the spirit of your business, while still being practical, easy to read and affordable. You’ll benefit from his years of experience in the field and end up with a final product that’s even better than you expected.

Bob has designed signs for every purpose you can think of, and probably more than a few you can’t. He’s done everything from simple church and realty signs to massively complex vehicle wraps. And every single time, the customer goes away completely satisfied. Working with state of the art digital technology, Bob can make mock ups of each sign so you’ll know what it will look like before it’s even made.

The Sign Guy

If you’re looking for a new sign for your company, let Bob help you design it. His experience and craftsmanship will save you from any potential disappointment in the end project and save you money in the long run. Fill out the contact form on this page, and we’ll have one of our friendly staff get back to you right away!

Take a look at some of our design work, just click on an image: