Focal Point

Every form of advertising, to be effective, must have a focal point. Whether you use a brand, picture, logo or simply your product, idea or service, a focal point is essential. An easy way to accomplish that is to boil your ad down to one or two words. SIGNS is the core of what I do and that is the message I want to convey before a byline or related info. A cute of catchy name can be helpful, yet to be truly effective, it should efficiently reveal your business or promotion. Too much copy will quickly weaken your presentation.

Use caution with acronyms, like ABC or an icon which does not generate what you are doing or who you are. You need a focal point!

Good layout or design, color and style will compliment your business or product. Fonts are a part of the mix, too. Still the bottom line, as well as, every part of your ad must be able to allow your client to know your focus.