From time to time we have a reconditioned lighted sign. Process included refitting the cabinet with new lighting, which in most cases is LED’s, ballast or power supply.

And, now and then we have one or two Electronic Message Systems that have been fully refurbished.

Also, want to mention your own sign may need to be upgraded, including the face display and various needs.

Many subdivisions with sandblasted entry graphics can have new life by having the sign properly given a complete do over. Some change colors as well.

Or, you may have metal or acrylic dimension letters that may have been neglected, damaged or even lost.

My job is to keep your image and advertising fresh and viable. Think of us as your one stop custom sign shop!


Nowadays, in the sign business, the two hot topics are LED’s and a full color matric electronic sign.

Let me deal with LED’s in this blog. Prominent manufactors and distributors are not presently able to keep up with the supply and demand.

Yes, you can quickly convert your fluorescent bulbs to a bright and efficient LED. And, most commercial applications are available, yet the sign industry is challenged with higher prices for the FT12 type lamps used in most ligthed signs. So, conversion isn’t yet easy or cheap.

We are making giant strides with LED technology, and little by little, more user-friendly, better pricing and new products will continue to happen.

Please by patient with this sign guy if I say it may not be cost effective to upgrade your current sign with LED’s. Still, I’ll do my best to be cutting edge.

At present, wherever possible, and any new sign that I sell or supply will employ LED’s. And, I will give the best price and quality service for your business.

Focal Point

Every form of advertising, to be effective, must have a focal point. Whether you use a brand, picture, logo or simply your product, idea or service, a focal point is essential. An easy way to accomplish that is to boil your ad down to one or two words. SIGNS is the core of what I do and that is the message I want to convey before a byline or related info. A cute of catchy name can be helpful, yet to be truly effective, it should efficiently reveal your business or promotion. Too much copy will quickly weaken your presentation.

Use caution with acronyms, like ABC or an icon which does not generate what you are doing or who you are. You need a focal point!

Good layout or design, color and style will compliment your business or product. Fonts are a part of the mix, too. Still the bottom line, as well as, every part of your ad must be able to allow your client to know your focus.

When it comes to creating a design for a sign to represent your Asheville business, it is important to hire an experienced professional. Our fantastic sign designer, right here at The Sign Guy, specializes in design and artwork for business signs, and he is ready to give you an inside look at the importance of sign design. In a market where your advertisements can make or break your business, make certain that your sign in Asheville is fun, creative, and best in show, while accurately representing your business.

Marketing & Design Aspects Considered By a Sign Designer:

  • Sign designers consider your sign as the face of your company. Together, you will discuss important issues such as marketing goals, sign placement, and your company’s intended message, in order to determine the best design to represent your business.
  • Color & Psychology: Through color research, we now know that colors influence people psychologically. For example, greens and blues are associated with nature, and they are tranquil and calming. Orange, red and yellow are upbeat colors which exhibit warmth, energy, and excitement. A sign designer can help you establish the energy your business wants to give off through the appropriate selection of colors.
  • Catchy Contrast To Attract Customers: Sign designers establish the colors that are most suitable for you business, but they also know how to apply those colors. Put simply, light colors against a dark backdrop, or vice versa, will catch the eye of a customer, particularly potential new customers.
  • Selecting the right graphics for your business is just as important as color selection. Our sign designer has this down to a science and will select and create graphics or artwork that best represent your company’s image.

Create A Sign That Is Positively Unforgettable!!

Just think about all of the signs that we pass on a daily basis. How many of them actually stick out in your mind as memorable? Our business signs in Asheville will create a memorable, artfully designed image that will grab people’s attention and stick out in their mind. Through our experience and excellent craftsmanship, your business will immediately become more noticeable. Whether you need lighted displays, vehicle lettering and graphics, or a sandblasted sign for your business, The Sign Guy has you covered.


When it comes to business, you’re bound to fall into a sea of other professionals with similar interests to you, and in order to stand out from the crowd you need to get the best, unique and personalized advertising available.

Custom business signs are a great way to get the word out about your business and leave a lasting impression on potential customers.  Continue reading

When you are driving down the road and see an elaborately decorated or catchy business sign design, you are likely to remember that business. The same is true with custom boat signage. With boat season slowing down, why not use the down time to have a unique and creative sign made especially for your boat. Whether your vessel is used for business or for pleasure, the Sign Guy in Asheville can design custom signs to give your boat unforgettable character.  Continue reading

The vibe your storefront gives off often decides whether a customer will come in and shop, or miss your store altogether. Storefront signage plays a major role in attracting new and repeat customers, and investing in a well-lit Neon or LED sign will play a vital role in the success of your business. At the Sign Guy, we know exactly how to design custom signs for your Asheville business, making your company a successful competitor in a tough market.  Continue reading

When it comes to owning a beach house, your goal is to create a welcoming, charming, and relaxing atmosphere for your guests.

Whether it’s your private family getaway, or you rent it to vacationers on a weekly basis, it is important to give your beach house its own unique personality.

A great way to make a lasting first impression is to have a custom beach house sign professionally designed for your home.

The Sign Guy offers the experience and expertise to create the most amazing sandblasted beach house signs in Asheville.  Continue reading

Vehicle wraps are a hot item nowadays. To be sure, a full wrap involves careful planning, exact focal points, and without question is a front cabin investment. However, partial wraps or well-designed vehicle lettering and graphics can enhance and promote with tighter budgets and still achieve an effective result.

Lettering your primary vehicles just makes good sense. Vehicles must be properly cleaned and prepared before graphics can be applied.

Advertise Efficiently

Advertising of this type should always quickly tell two things: Who you are and What you are doing. And, having said that, we come to the crux of the problem and two dilemmas. Is my name more important than what I do? For, the most part, I favor what would describe your business in one, or at best, two words. Than make that the primary focus of your vehicle displays.

Color is absolutely important. If a vehicle is white, and you use black lettering it will have good contrast and be seen, yet employing the primary and secondary colors (both as lettering and reversals) bring all to life.

Per dollar value of vehicle lettering and graphics plus the impact of a moving or still ad, makes for a powerful and sure value.Let The Sign Guy help you to achieve the uniform and beneficial results you desire.

The Sign Guy

Bob Potter is one of the most experienced sign designers in the state. he can help you design signs of any kind. If you want a custom vehicle graphic for your car, truck or boat, fill out the contact form on this site and one of our friendly staff members will call you right away. The best place for signs in Asheville is The Sign Guy!